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Healthy Pregnancy

what to eat when eating for two?!

Can I have coffee? Deli meat? Fish? How many calories do I need? How do I avoid gestational diabetes?

Pregnancy is exciting, physically and mentally challenging, joyful and scary all at the same time. Adding to that the confusion of what to eat and what to avoid can make these 9 months difficult to navigate. I remember when I was first expecting and the amount of information on what to do and foods to avoid was at times overwhelming, and not always supported by science. I did the work and research to help myself, and now I want to help others thrive and not just survive their pregnancy. 

it takes a village....

Let's go through this together. My pregnancy package includes a monthly meeting throughout your pregnancy, addressing any issues or questions as they evolve while you grow.  After you deliver, we will meet two additional times to tackle nutrition related issues in the postpartum period (you thought you were hungry while you were pregnant? ha).  From choosing a prenatal supplement and navigating morning sickness to ideal weight gain and blood sugar control, I will work along side you and help you tackle any nutrition related issues that come up. 

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