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Is Stress Ruining Your Health?

Alison Boden

My patients are often surprised that I spend so much time talking with them about seemingly "non nutrition" topics such as stress and sleep. While at the surface these topics appear to be outside my scope of practice, in reality stress and sleep have a very intimate relationship with food, nutrition and health. Let's look at how.

Stress - blood sugar buster

"Stress" is not just an emotional or mental state. Your body is also under stress and releasing a cascade of stress hormones (like cortisol and adrenaline) after a night (or several) of less than adequate sleep, after and during very intense workouts and during periods of illness. You've all likely heard the old story that our bodies are adapted for the "fight or flight" response to activate in times of dire emergencies, like running away from a tiger in caveman days. Fortunately, not many of us have to run away from wild animals these days but the same stress response activates when we feel overwhelmed and anxious about life/ work/ family and we are not taking good care of ourselves with enough sleep.

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