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Happy New Year!

Alison Boden

New Year, new websites and new practice! 

With the close of 2015 and start of a new year, I am changing up and revitalizing my practice. I will now be seeing patients exclusively online! Together with the online booking and video chat, I hope this will make for more convenient and easier to access appointments. I feel so very passionate about nutrition and want to be able to help those of you that are not in the SF area to find health and healing through food. Let's make 2016 the year of taking back your health! 


In addition to the change in practice, I am going to be launching a series new websites. is a work in progress and my first venture. This will be mostly a blog with resources and education surrounding the merging of the Mediterranean Diet and Paleo, both of which I have used therapeutically with patients to improve health and wellbeing. Check it out! Next on the scene will be a site focusing on women's reproductive health, and a joint project with my dear friend and aesthetician Corrinne Russell. Exciting times! 


Lastly, I am going to be revitalizing my blog here on Nourish & Indulge. What topics would you like to see covered? There's so much to explore.....