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Athletic Upgrade

What are your goals?

Looking to blast through your latest PR? Finally break 3 hours? Find out why you're suddenly bonking in the middle of your workout? Want to tone up, gain strength and/ or lose some fat around the middle?

Let's talk

The fitness industry is huge (YUGE!) and makes many claims and profits based on some not-so-legit pseudoscience. Protein powder, branched aminos, carnitine, electrolytes - do these supplements make sense for you and your goals? Should you work out fasted or fed? What's a great after workout meal or snack?

Let's find a plan that is personalized for you and your goals...

Alison has been involved in various athletic endeavors, from Crossfit to triathlons and long distance biking to yoga and dance. Each type of activity requires a unique plan based on your current fitness and diet as well as your goals. 

athletic upgrade nutrition package

  • Detailed discussion of your goals, expectations and current state of fitness

  • Diet history and food preferences

  • Personalized plan for dietary and supplement changes to meet your goals

  • Ongoing support with web chat, food journal and fitbit review